Die Integrale

Our association "Integrale e. V. - Förderverein für Integration" aims to promote democracy, civic engagement and support for refugees.

What To Do About Populism?

For many of us, the political events of 2016 provided the impetus needed to decide to get active to promote democracy and counter illiberal populist tendencies. For inspiration, here are some projects we're currently pursuing as well as exciting initiatives by other NGOs which you might consider reading about or supporting - we'll be updating our list regularly and would appreciate your suggestions at hello@die-integrale.org. As of August 2, 2018:


DIE Faktenfreunde

Faktenfreunde (copyright Marco Krenn)

Who? Our own initiative "Faktenfreunde", open to everyone
Where? Across Germany and Austria, with regular discussions in Berlin, Munich and Innsbruck - joining via Skype is possible
What? A network and series of discussions for people who remain keen on the facts, even in postfactual times
How?  Armed with the facts, any debate becomes easier - and better. Facts still matter. We want to make sure it stays that way. We talk about complex issues that frequently colour political debates,  spanning culture, economics, religion and history, but do so constructively and based on the facts - while acknowledging ambiguity and uncertainty.  We'll be meeting at regular intervals to discuss a particular topic, book or paper.
Questions to and get involved via hello@die-integrale.org

Rettet die Wahlen!


Who? Our own initiative "Rettet die Wahlen!", which translates as "Save the elections!", jointly with the wonderful band  Unknown Skartist as well as  Die Offene Gesellschaft and Open Globe Bielefeld
Where? Across Germany, with concerts in Berlin, Bielefeld and Hildesheim
What? A musical statement for an open and tolerant society, constructive dialogue and political engagement 🎷
How? Unknown Skartist has been playing its amazing song "Rettet die Wahlen!" ("Save the elections!") live in many concerts. They're currently fundraising to shoot the video for the song. Jointly with Die Offene Gesellschaft and Open Globe Bielefeld, we'll be hosting "dialogue concerts" across Germany in August, which will combine live music with discussions and debate about what to do about populism and political apathy.
More here: https://rettetdiewahlen.de/
Crowdfunding campaign: https://www.startnext.com/rettet-die-wahlen
Questions to and get involved via kontakt@unska.de or hello@die-integrale.org

We’re asking you to enter into a dialogue about politics with those people you wouldn’t usually talk to. To take to the streets, and to dance for a better world. To talk about populism. To scrutinise and engage with our political system.

Frag Dich!


Who? Our own initiative “FragDich!”, which translates as "Ask Yourself!"
Where? Münster, North-Rhine-Westphalia, and across Germany. We're extremely grateful to the Robert Bosch Stiftung and Die Offene Gesellschaft for their generous support of this initiative.
What? Fosters dialogue among citizens about democracy and how we want to live together in society.
How? We host "dialogue cafés" in town centres, creating "public living rooms", complete with coffee and cake, to encourage people passing by to engage in a dialogue about democracy, right-wing populism and how we want to live together in society. Those who wish to can also record their ideas and suggestions on our "dialogue monument".
More here: https://www.facebook.com/FragDich/
Questions to and get involved via hello@die-integrale.org

Aktionswochenenden ("Action weekends")


Who? Our own initiative "Aktionswochenende" ("action weekend")
Where? In Berlin, with participants and speakers from all over Europe, in early 2017. Follow-up weekends are planned for late in 2017.
What? A series of workshops and events
How? Bring people from a range of different backgrounds as well as existing initiatives together in order to develop concrete ideas and courses of action on what all of us can do about populist tendencies in politics and society, at the local, regional, national and supranational levels, using a variety of creative techniques
More here: http://www.die-integrale.org/news-and-events/2017/2/7/report-from-our-aktionswochenende-in-berlin
Questions to and get involved via hello@die-integrale.org

In Germany

Kleiner Fünf

Who? Young initiative supported by "Bewegunsstiftung"
Where? Across Germany
What? The "Kleiner Fünf" Campaign aims to prevent that a populist right-wing party receives more than 5% of the vote share in the 2017 German federal election
How? A multiplicity of innovative formats that target all parts of society during the election campaign (Launch: Febraury 11, 2017)
More here: kleinerfuenf.de/
Questions to kontakt@kleinerfuenf.de
Join the initiative with an email to mitmachen@kleinerfuenf.de


Who? Ali Can and his initiative "Interkultureller Frieden e.V."
Where? Across Germany
What? Ali Can und his initiative "Interkultureller Frieden e.V." aim to offer a plattform for dialogue between people of diverse social, religious and cultural backgrounds. Together, they hope to inspire a more open and torant discourse in society
How? Seminars and workshops on intercultural communication, their own Youtube Kanal as well as their "Hotline für besorgte Bürger," active daily between 6 pm and 8 pm CET
More here: interkulturell-leben.de/
Questions and contact with an email to ali@interkulturell-leben.de


Who? Young initiative from Cologne
Where? Cologne; currently expanding to other German cities
What? The initiative "Köln spricht" considers itself to be a democratic speaker's corner that allows people from all walks of life to meet and discuss pressing issues at events that reclaim public spaces such as parks or public squares
How? Monthly public meet ups and events with talks and discussions on society, politics or culture
More here: facebook.com/koelnspricht
Participate and help bring the initiative to your city with an email to koeln-spricht@gmx.de


Who? "No Hate Speech Movement Germany" coordinated by "Neue Deutsche Medienmacher"
Where? Across Germany
What? The German branch of the "No Hate Speech" movement is part of a paneuropean initiative againt discrimination and racism on the internet, initiated by the Council of Europe in 2016. Its aims include raising awareness for hate speech, supporting people affected and fostering counter speech
How? Public talks and events on the topic, argumentation guides and active counter speech online
More here: no-hate-speech.de/ and facebook.com/nohatespeechdeutschland/
For further information write to info@no-hate-speech.de
Order material at bestellung@no-hate-speech.de


Who? Think tank with policy fellows, scientific board und circle of friends with international partner institutions
Where? Across Germany
What? "Progressives Zentrum" is a Berlin-based think tank that aims to identify and support innovative policy concepts in a wide array of areas, following the triad of "Vordenken - Vernetzen - Streiten"
How? Events, panel discussions as well as policy briefings and research papers on topics such as "future of democracy," "Europe and the world" etc.
More here: progressives-zentrum.org/ and facebook.com/DasProgressiveZentrum
Subscribe to the newsletter at progressives-zentrum.org/newsletter-abonnieren
Questions and contact with an email to mail@progressives-zentrum.org


Who? Initiative with a circle of friends and partner institutions across Germany, supported and funded by Robert Bosch Stiftung, Bertelsmann Stiftung and others
Where? Across Germany
What? Die Offene Gesellschaft is a civic grass-roots initiative that considers itself to be an action and network platform for both new and established initiatives that aim to strengthen a democratic and liberal society
How? Series of events and financial support for projects and initiatives in Germany in cooperation with Robert Bosch Stiftung.
More here: die-offene-gesellschaft.de/home and facebook.com/InitiativeOffeneGesellschaft
Apply for funding for your own project via die-offene-gesellschaft.de/faciliation
Questions and contact with an email to wragge@die-offene-gesellschaft.d


Who? Initiative supported and funded by a variety of corporate and public partners
Where? Across Germany
What? The initiative "Hass hilft" converts online hate speech into unintended donations for refugee projects by "Aktion Deutschland hilft" and "EXIT Deutschland," an initiative against the radical right.
How? Hate speech on Twitter and Facebook is flagged by private and public partners of the initiative and thereby counted, triggering an automatic 1€ donation. Involuntary donations this far: 23 000€
More here:  hasshilft.de/ and facebook.com/HassHilft
Contact and more information at fabian@rechtsgegenrechts.de


Who? Broad alliance of public institutions, parties and associations
Where? Across Germany
What? "Aufstehen gegen Rassismus" is a nationwide campaign by public institutions, parties and associations against the rise of right wing populism in Germany. It aims to influence public discourse by means of a grass-roots initiative with localized campaigns and conferences.
How? Regional campaigns and demonstrations, conferences and info material as well as one-day trainings in counter speech and political campaigning with the goal to educate as many as 10 000 so called "Stammtischkämpfer" until fall 2017
More here: aufstehen-gegen-rassismus.de and facebook.com/aufstehengegenrassismus
Questions and contact with an email to info@aufstehen-gegen-rassismus.de
Participate at mitmachen@aufstehen-gegen-rassismus.de


Who? Established initiative (founded in 2000) with a large pool of supporters, celebrity testimonials and public support by federal ministries
Where? Across Germany
What? "Gesicht zeigen! Für ein weltoffenes Deutschland" is an initiative against right wing populism, discrimation and racism. It aims to strengthen civil society through training, the provision of education materials and political engagement. Workshops and seminars in schools, education materials and targeted campaigns.
More here: gesichtzeigen.de and facebook.com/gesichtzeigen
Particpate and become a member at gesichtzeigen.de/angebote/gesicht-zeigen-aber-wie/mitglied-werden
For more information contact the initiative via gesichtzeigen.de/kontakt

Unsere Zeit

Who? Open network and blog platform run by "millenials"
Where? Across Germany
What? "Unsere Zeit" is both a movement and a blog platform that publishes articles on a broad range of topics taking the perspective of the "young" generation. European identity, migration and economic growth are some of the issues they focus on from the "Millenials" perspective.
How? Networking, shaping public discourse through blog articles in English and German, talks and inputs at workshops and conferences
More here: http://unserezeit.eu/ and https://www.facebook.com/unserezeit.eu/
Get involved and become a member at http://unserezeit.eu/dabeisein/
Contact and more information at mail@unserezeit.eu


Who? Young initiave that was founded after the expansion of the right-wing media platform "Breitbart" to Germany in 2016
Where? Across Germany
How? "Schmalbart" is a young network that aims to support a fair and fact-based discourse opposing populism and in favour of a liberal and open society. Founded after the expansion of "Breitbart news" to Germany in 2016, the initiative is currently setting up it's agenda and getting started.Media coverage, fact checking and active participation in social media discourses
More here: https://www.schmalbart.de/and https://www.facebook.com/schmalbart/
Get in contact with and support the initiative at https://www.schmalbart.de/kontakt/

In Europe

The European way

Who? Network of European circles in major European cities
Where? Across Europe
What? "The European way" is an European network that connects in local hubs in cities across the European union. It aims connect like-minded people across Europe to create momentum for activism and change.Networking (via Facebook, meet-ups ...), content generation and local activism (e.g., workshops, participation in campaigns or demonstrations etc.)
More here: http://www.europeanway.org/ and https://www.facebook.com/go.the.european.way
Contact and more information at info@europeanway.org
Subscribe to their newsletter at http://www.europeanway.org/contact/

IN the United States 

Government is US – not something being done to US. The Indivisible Project: https://www.indivisible.us/

10 ideas: whatcanido.io

Here's a practical guide for resisting Trump's America. 

The American Civil Liberties' Union was among the first to challenge Trump's immigration ban: www.aclu.org