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Our association "Integrale e. V. - Förderverein für Integration" aims to promote democracy, civic engagement and support for refugees.

"Faktenfreunde": a new network of people keen on the facts

The surge of populism across Europe and the US has been accompanied by an increasingly flexible relationship of many people - including presidents - towards facts and truthfulness. "Postfactualism" is dangerous for democracy - it can undermine its legitimacy as well as that of the institutions that enable it, such as the media. 

Hence, we're launching the Faktenfreunde ("friends of facts"), a network for people who remain keen on the facts. Armed with the facts, any debate becomes easier - and better. Facts still matter. We want to make sure it stays that way.

From Adorno and Horkheimer to Joseph Stiglitz to Hans Rosling; from the economic developments underpinning increasing discontent in countries such as Germany to gender roles in different religious communities in Europe to historical perspectives on the political consequences of migration: we'll talk about it, constructively and based on the facts - while acknowledging ambiguity and uncertainty. 

We'll be meeting at regular intervals in Berlin, Munich and Innsbruck to discuss a particular topic, book or paper. Everyone is welcome to join, in person or via Skype. If you're interested in becoming a Faktenfreund*in, please get in touch: hello@die-integrale.org

© Marco Krenn

© Marco Krenn

Our crowdfunding campaign has ended: Thank You!

We're extremely grateful to the 50 of you who have generously supported our crowdfunding campaign "Make Democracy Great Again (One T-Shirt At a Time)" - and the countless others who have supported our work in a myriad of other ways over the past year. Thank you!

We still have some T-Shirts left (with "Make Democracy Great Again" or "Make EU Great Again" graphics, available for men and women in different sizes), so please do write to us if you're interested. 

For some impressions of what the Friends of Integrale look like in their T-Shirts, please see below. 

Our crowdfunding campaign is now live: Make Democracy Great Again (One T-Shirt at a Time)

Our crowdfunding campaign has just gone live! We'd be so grateful for your support - fabulous T-Shirts are to be had.  Have a look here!

Building on our "action weekend" earlier this year in Berlin we've launched and supported a range of initiatives – in the run up to the federal elections in Germany, there is a lot to do. To continue our work we rely on your support and generosity. As a thank-you, in return for support of 25€ (23£) and over, our fabulous, sustainably and fairly produced "Make Democracy Great Again" or "Make the EU Great Again" T-Shirts are available, with which you can take a stand.

Fostering dialogue: our initiative FragDich! kicked off in Münster

We’re even more convinced now than before that living in an open society is possible with the vast majority of people in our country!
— Our event team

Our initiative "FragDich!" aims to foster dialogue among citizens about democracy and how we want to live together in society. Some impressions from our launch are below. Huge thanks go to Robert Bosch Stiftung and Die Offene Gesellschaft for their generous support of this initiative!

On five action days prior to the state elections, we hosted a series of "dialogue cafés" in the centre of town in Münster. We created "public living rooms", complete with coffee and cake, and encouraged people who were passing by to engage in a dialogue about democracy, right-wing populism and how we want to live together in society. Those who wished to could record their ideas and suggestions on our "dialogue monument", pictured below. 


Find the event in the event calendar of Die Offene Gesellschaft here.

Amazing graphic records from our recent event "Aktionswochenende" available online

The amazing illustrations developed by our brilliant team of graphic recorders (Romy Blümel, Doris Freigofas, Kati Szilágyi, Tiziana Jill Beck, Christoph Vieweg) during our recent event "Aktionswochenende" ("action weekend") on understanding and countering populism are now available online here. Do have a look - the illustrations provide a truly fascinating and novel perspective on the topics of populism and political participation. 

The Guerrilla Foundation is feeling hopeful this year

What if we told you that we did not succumb to depression, frustration, or dejection in the past several weeks? Despite ubiquitous reports about the misdeeds of President Trump and his European counterparts, we are still hopeful. Why? Just look at what two of our grantee organisations pulled off this January and you might agree that even a wave of shit can leave fertile ground for seeds of hope and mobilisation to grow in its wake.
— The Guerrilla Foundation

The Guerrilla Foundation is feeling hopeful rather than dejected this year - in part due to our recent "Aktionswochenende" (action weekend). We're hopeful, too - and very grateful to The Guerrilla Foundation for their amazing support of our event. 

Read their full post here.

© Photos by Alessia Brügel


Report from the "Aktionstag" (action day) in Freiburg

In an event inspired by and related in spirit and structure to our recent "Aktionswochenende", a group of 20 citizens - from a variety of different professional and personal backgrounds - came together in Freiburg last week to identify concrete courses of action to counter the negative consequences of populism.


An exciting existing initiative that was present was Why Europe, which aims to encourage an open discussion about the state of the European Union and to initiate a constructive debate about our life in Europe now and in the future. New initiatives that were developed during the "action day" and that are now being implemented include (i) "political speed dating" to burst our filter bubbles, (ii) informing pupils (first-time voters) about mechanisms of political communication in a series of workshops,  and (iii) setting up a campaign and website that explain what populism is and how it affects the political discourse. 

You can read the organisers' report from their weekend (in German) here. To get in touch with the organisers and join one of the initiatives developed during the "action day", send them an email here.


"Aktionswochenende", 27-29 January 2017, Berlin

We hosted an "Aktionswochenende" or "action weekend" – from the 27th to 29th of January, 2017, in Berlin – in order to develop concrete ideas on what all of us, as citizens, can do to address the worrying rise in and political space given to populist, fascist, racist, sexist and partially anti-democratic movements in the US, UK, Germany and other European countries.

For the weekend, we brought together a diverse bunch of people from a range of different backgrounds - including academics, professionals and politicians - who are united in their commitment to engage with these developments to dedicate a weekend to, initially, understanding, through a variety of interdisciplinary approaches, what is behind the growing appeal of populism, and then determining what all of us can do. Our objective was to develop concrete, actionable and ideally scalable initiatives - and at least three distinct new initiatives as well as a lot of support for existing initiatives have grown out of the weekend!

If you're interested in finding out more about our conclusions from the weekend, write to us: aktionswochenende@die-integrale.org.


Copyright: Photos by Alessia Brügel, Graphic Records by Romy Blümel (Make EU Great Again); Doris Freigofas (Make Democracy Great Again); Kati Szilágyi (Are We Spoiled)