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Our association "Integrale e. V. - Förderverein für Integration" aims to promote democracy, civic engagement and support for refugees.

The Guerrilla Foundation is feeling hopeful this year

What if we told you that we did not succumb to depression, frustration, or dejection in the past several weeks? Despite ubiquitous reports about the misdeeds of President Trump and his European counterparts, we are still hopeful. Why? Just look at what two of our grantee organisations pulled off this January and you might agree that even a wave of shit can leave fertile ground for seeds of hope and mobilisation to grow in its wake.
— The Guerrilla Foundation

The Guerrilla Foundation is feeling hopeful rather than dejected this year - in part due to our recent "Aktionswochenende" (action weekend). We're hopeful, too - and very grateful to The Guerrilla Foundation for their amazing support of our event. 

Read their full post here.

© Photos by Alessia Brügel