Die Integrale

Our association "Integrale e. V. - Förderverein für Integration" aims to promote democracy, civic engagement and support for refugees.

Report from the "Aktionstag" (action day) in Freiburg

In an event inspired by and related in spirit and structure to our recent "Aktionswochenende", a group of 20 citizens - from a variety of different professional and personal backgrounds - came together in Freiburg last week to identify concrete courses of action to counter the negative consequences of populism.


An exciting existing initiative that was present was Why Europe, which aims to encourage an open discussion about the state of the European Union and to initiate a constructive debate about our life in Europe now and in the future. New initiatives that were developed during the "action day" and that are now being implemented include (i) "political speed dating" to burst our filter bubbles, (ii) informing pupils (first-time voters) about mechanisms of political communication in a series of workshops,  and (iii) setting up a campaign and website that explain what populism is and how it affects the political discourse. 

You can read the organisers' report from their weekend (in German) here. To get in touch with the organisers and join one of the initiatives developed during the "action day", send them an email here.