Die Integrale

Our association "Integrale e. V. - Förderverein für Integration" aims to promote democracy, civic engagement and support for refugees.

Our crowdfunding campaign is now live: Make Democracy Great Again (One T-Shirt at a Time)

Our crowdfunding campaign has just gone live! We'd be so grateful for your support - fabulous T-Shirts are to be had.  Have a look here!

Building on our "action weekend" earlier this year in Berlin we've launched and supported a range of initiatives – in the run up to the federal elections in Germany, there is a lot to do. To continue our work we rely on your support and generosity. As a thank-you, in return for support of 25€ (23£) and over, our fabulous, sustainably and fairly produced "Make Democracy Great Again" or "Make the EU Great Again" T-Shirts are available, with which you can take a stand.