Die Integrale

Our association "Integrale e. V. - Förderverein für Integration" aims to promote democracy, civic engagement and support for refugees.

Fostering dialogue: our initiative FragDich! kicked off in Münster

We’re even more convinced now than before that living in an open society is possible with the vast majority of people in our country!
— Our event team

Our initiative "FragDich!" aims to foster dialogue among citizens about democracy and how we want to live together in society. Some impressions from our launch are below. Huge thanks go to Robert Bosch Stiftung and Die Offene Gesellschaft for their generous support of this initiative!

On five action days prior to the state elections, we hosted a series of "dialogue cafés" in the centre of town in Münster. We created "public living rooms", complete with coffee and cake, and encouraged people who were passing by to engage in a dialogue about democracy, right-wing populism and how we want to live together in society. Those who wished to could record their ideas and suggestions on our "dialogue monument", pictured below. 


Find the event in the event calendar of Die Offene Gesellschaft here.